Community Highlight: KEVIN KOWALSKI

Community Highlight: KEVIN KOWALSKI

As the inevitable change of seasons occurs, with longer days and warmer nights, and beanies get swapped for caps we felt like this was a perfect time to catch up with professional skateboarder and owner of Portal Dimension, Kevin Kowalski.  Kevin wears many hats in his day to day, from beach walks with his dog, building and maintaining backyard bowls and running a company; we wanted to share how Coal fits in with his busy schedule. 

Living on the Oregon coast, Kevin started meeting other Coal community members and says he "instantly wanted to become more involved".  Since then Kevin has been on seasonal photo adventures and played a main role in our skate trip film "Straight to the Deep End" in the summer of 2022. 

"Coal Headwear to me is one of the first staple brands I think of as a hat company. I have a thing for hats. From beanies to snap backs and everything in between. Coal Headwear has shown me hat designs and concepts only my wildest thoughts could imagine. Every time I try on a Coal hat I’m definitely satisfied with the way that it looks and feels for any adventures that await."  

On a typical day, you can find Kevin hanging out with his dog and then at a local skatepark like the Lincoln City park.  If it's raining (which is pretty common in the PNW) Kevin says "we usually skate Mark Scott’s Bowl at the dreamland skateparks compound that’s indoors and those sessions are the best!"  

When Kevin isn't on his board or walking his dog he enjoys fishing, crabbing and working with concrete.  


To wrap it up we asked Kowalski to share a song he loves to listen to while cooking dinner and his favorite song to pump him up for a skate sesh.  Here's what he said: 

"Blaze Foley: Big Cheese Burger And Good French Fries. and Mercyful Fate: Curse of the Pharaohs". 

You can follow Kevin @Kevin_kowalski and @portal_dimension 

Watch "Straight to the Deep End" on YouTube or on our news page.  

 Photos by Tyler Ravelle and Kevin Nolan