• Merino Wool

    Merino wool aides in normalizing body temperature by supplying warmth without being too hot and by wicking away moisture. Like other natural fibers, Merino is water absorbent, however even when wet it holds onto heat, therefore you won’t get cold after getting soaked from rain or sweat. Merino contains Lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. With its naturally insulating, moisture wicking and antibacterial assets Merino wool is an exceptional choice for performance fabric.

  • Alpaca/Merino Wool

    Alpaca has many similarities to sheep’s wool, but is signifigantly warmer. Alpaca is also silkier and contains no lanolin which makes it a hypoallergenic fiber. It is prized for creating ultra soft and luxurious yarns. By combining Alpaca and Merino together we are combining the best properties of both fibers, creating a wonderfully soft yarn.

  • Lambswool

    Lambswool fibers are shorter than other wool, which makes the fibers softer. This creates a yarn that is plush and more silky in-hand, making it a great material for beanies.

  • Recycled Cotton

    Our recycled cotton yarn comes from a mill that specializes in repurposing waste from the apparel manufacturing process. The yarn is spun from re-milled fabric scraps and clippings. The base color of the original material is retained therefore less dyes and chemicals are used in the process. The yarn has a subtle heathered effect due to the mix of different scraps.

  • Recycled PET Yarn

    PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a plastic resin and also a form of polyester. Our recycled yarn comes from a certified mill that repurposes post-consumer waste in to usable materials. By reusing the material instead of virgin resins there is a reduction in energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

  • Polylana®

    Polylana® is a sustainable yarn blended from virgin and recycled materials to create an innovative fiber with the same characteristics as wool and acrylic.

  • Moisture Wickin Yarn

    This yarn is engineered to increase your comfort during physical activity. The polyester/cotton blend works to wick moisture so that you stay drier and more comfortable. This will help to keep your head cool, on hot and sweaty days, or to keep you comfy on rainy and wet ones.

  • Fine Acrylic

    Fine acrylic yarn is both durable and soft. Acrylic is a great alternative to wool; it is non-itchy but like wool it is very warm and can be used in variety of different styles.

  • Silky Acrylic

    Silky acrylic differs from regular acrylic, in that during the yarn spinning process it goes through additional steps to impart the yarn with amazing softness, a silky texture, and a bit of sheen.

  • USA Made Products

    We are proud to make select pieces with US based suppliers. Our vendors have shared their time-honored techniques and expertise, providing us the opportunity to make top quality products in the United
    States of America.

  • Polyester

    Warm and insulating polyester fleece is used in a variety of our technical accessories to keep you bundled during the cold winter days. Fleece offers many of the same insulating properties of wool without the weight or skin sensitivity associated with wool products. Our fleece styles are built to be ultra warm and to also work layered with other styles.

  • Waterproof Polyester

    The Squatch Hood and White Room cap both utilize our waterproof polyester material. The Squatch Hood uses the fabric on the upper and back panels. This material is placed there to repel rain and snow from the head, while still having all the comfort of the fleece hood on the inside.

  • Polyester Grid Fleece

    Our polyester grid fleece is used in the face panel of The Squatch Hood. This specially made material features a plush inside fleece pile. The grid pattern around the fleece is a lightweight jersey knit which allows for better air circulation and breathability while the fleece component keeps the face warm and protected.

  • Stretch Polyester

    We have a diversity of stretch polyester fabrics throughout the Technical Accessories Collection. This fabric has been strategically placed in styles to optimize the fit and function. The top panels of The Deuce utilize our classic moisture wicking stretch polyester, it is flexible and lightweight, allowing it to fit well under a helmet or beanie. For The Storm Shadow Clava, Timber Clava, and Timber Gaiter we have sourced a special stretch polyester fabric, it is moisture wicking like seasons past but it also has an extra soft underside for increased comfort. The stretch polyester used in The Warm Up has a lofty, fleece like inside that is super soft to keep you extra cozy and warm.

  • Antibacterial Fabrics

    An antibacterial property is built into the stretch polyester fabric used for the Timber styles and exists naturally in Merino wool. These fabrics are resistant to the proliferation of mold and bacteria which not only lead to offensive odor, but can also prematurely degrade the materials.

  • Moisture Wicking Fabrics

    The technical collection has many styles utilizing moisture wicking technology. The wicking properties of each fabric helps absorb or draw off liquid by capillary action; once absorption occurs the moisture is spread out across the fabric so that the material dries faster. This will help keep your moisture levels regulated on both hot and sweaty days or super wet ones.

  • Moisture Wicking Mesh

    For additional performance there is an added moisture wicking mesh lining at the inside front panel of The Storm Shadow Clava. The open structure of the mesh allows for better breathability and air circulation, and the moisture wicking feature ensures water and sweat control.