The Uninvited 2024

The Uninvited 2024

April 11-13 2024 over 70 of the world's best female snowboarders gathered at Woodward Park City for The Uninvited Invitational.  History was made once again by the amazing Jess Kimura and her team that put on this life changing event. 

With a collective prize purse of over 55k, this contest offers the biggest prize purse of any event and the course continues to be impressive and unique each year.  As a female in the snowboarding industry, who also shares a passion for snowboarding, I was delighted and honored to be a part of this event.  I started snowboarding at a time when there were barely any other girls doing rail jams and finding a group of like minded ladies was difficult.  I was lucky enough to find a crew in Tahoe, many of whom later went on to be in the first Uninvited video.  Watching the progression of women's snowboarding has been mind blowing to say the least, and The Uninvited Invitational was proof of just how far we've come.  From day 1 to finals, the atmosphere around the comp was unlike any I've ever experienced.  The competitors were rarely not smiling and hearing the encouragement and support from all the riders at the top of the course was inspiring.  Instead of pushing their way to the front or rushing to get to the top, I witnessed a sense of calm and commradre unlike any competition I've ever been to or watched.  


"Thank you's" and "get it girl" echoed throughout the top of the course and even when someone was battling a trick or wiping the blood off their face from a fall, the smiles still shone through.  I had the honor of getting to drop in on the course on day 2 of qualifiers, and I will say it was terrifying looking at those giant rails and ledges.  Before I dropped I turned around to see one of my original Tahoe crew ladies right behind me with her fist out and saying "you got this".  With that I dropped in with confidence that no matter what happened I knew no was judging me and that I would be cheered on by friends and knew faces.  THIS is what snowboarding is about.  

This event is proof that fun and supportive riding fuels creativity and progress.  On finals day the top 35 competitors showcased some of the most impressive riding I've ever seen.  The judges definitely had their work cut out for them.  In the end, even though there were only 5 podium spots, we all walked away winners. 

The ACTUAL winners are as follows: 
1st: Telma Sarkipaju
2nd: Iris Pham
3rd: Jess Perlmutter
4th: Grace Warner
5th: Livia Tanno
Best Air - Emma Crosby 
Best Bail - Jaylin Hanson
Best Style - Momo Fujikawa
Best Trick - Anika Morgan
Unleash The Beast - Nora Beck
Most Heart - Madison Blackley
One To Watch - Jubes Pelchat
Most Creative - Naima Antolin
Subaru Rookie 1 - Jess Perlmutter
Subaru Rookie 2 - Ellie Weiler
Baldface Trip - Novalie Engholm
Written By: Erica Stark 
Photos: Maisy Hoffman, Mary Walsh and Shaina Joel