Community Highlight: James Barkman

Community Highlight: James Barkman

James Barkman is known to wear many hats. From spearfishing to photography and everything in between we caught up with James to find out how Coal became his hat of choice! 

Coal: What are your favorite hobbies?

JB: I surf and spearfish as much as possible. My VW bus demands a lot of time, I don’t know if it’s a hobby or a curse. A lot of my life revolves around alpine climbing expeditions, snowboarding/splitboarding, motorcycles, sailing, and hunting. I’m a photographer by trade so chasing stories is a hobby but by some streak of luck also a job. 

Coal: What is your history with the brand? How did you start wearing Coal and why do you choose to continue to wear the brand? 

JB: I grew up skating and snowboarding, and 15 years ago I vividly remember everyone I looked up to and admired wearing Coal hats and beanies. I love the people behind the brand and the people who the brand supports. To me, Coal Headwear creates and represents a culture of people that are charging life at full throttle and it can’t but help make you want to be part of it.  

Coal has been in the game and has such a rad heritage which is something money can’t buy. Since I was a kid I’ve always been a hat guy, and it’s obvious that there is so much attention to detail and design that goes into every product. Finding a hat that you never want to take off is one of life’s profound pleasures. 

Coal: How does the brand help you reach your next peak moment? 

JB: Lately it’s been the films that Coal and the athletes are putting out. It gets me so fired up to charge it. 

 Coal: We are dying to know, what does a typical day consist of for you? 

JB: Wake up and drink coffee until I’m shaking violently. Fire up the iron steed (VW bus) and try to surf around my home in Morro Bay, California. As a freelancer, it’s often a feast or famine kind of schedule. If I’m not glued to my computer working towards a work deadline, I might free as a bird and driving up to Big Sur to surf or camp. The  Central Coast is pure magic so it’s impossible to get bored. If I have an alpine expedition that I’m planning it requires a ton of physical training, so that’s a big part of my schedule leading up to climbing season. 

 Coal: What are your go-to styles for spring/summer?

JB: I’ve been wearing The Hauler One Low like it’s going out of style, but the Uniform Classic is my all time favorite. Favorite beanie at the moment would have to be The Eddie. 

Coal: A song you love to listen to while cooking dinner?

JB: Feel Good Inc. — Gorillaz 

Coal: Fav song(or album) to listen to on a road trip?

JB: War On Drugs -A Deeper Understanding 

Check out James Barkman's adventures @jamesbarkman on IG