Mt Baker Sesh Up x Brainbowl

Mt Baker Sesh Up x Brainbowl

It's not often you get to pack up the truck with camping gear, snowboards, skateboards and swimwear, but another year of Brainbowl and the Mt Baker Sesh up was upon us and the weather forecast couldn't be more ideal.  We hit the road early in anticipation for a brief skate stop on our way north and time to claim our camp spot in the beautiful forest in Glacier, Wa.  

After staking our claim (and tent) we headed up the winding mountain road with Shuksun, that HOG,  as our bright white beacon amongst the cloudless blue sky.  The hike out isn't long, however the baking snow created some challenges as my boots sank down almost to my knees with every step.  As we rode down into the bowl the most beautiful site of a nearly complete sesh up jump and quarter pipe greeted us, along with a sea of tuffy's and humans doing work on a variety of exciting features.  

 THIS is what the snowboarding community is about!  Gathering people from all over the country to share their passion for creating and riding.  No invitation needed, no contest to enter or skill level required; just a shared love of snowboarding.  Over the next four days we shoveled, cut blocks, drank a lot of water (and beer), got sun and rope burn, and of course snowboarded on this hand-built, creative course.  Besides the very popular quarter pipe, features included a 3-tiered volcano, a tunnel jump, multiple hips and a very tall rainbow of snow.  The Sesh Up jump was built beautifully as well and an array of double back flips and 10's were casually thrown by some of the big dogs that showed up for the event.  The step up was hit 1,115 times, the most so far for a Sesh Up session.  

Besides breaking the record for most hits on a backcountry jump, Brainbowl 2024 was truly historical, accompanied by an Aurora Borealis sighting on Friday night.  That shared experience of a bucket list event made this year's session one for the books.  Huge thank you to Matt Wainhouse, Max and Gus Warbington, Mt Baker and all the amazing people that showed up to help make this event an experience of a lifetime.

 Watch the full recap video HERE