Community Highlight: PAT FAVA

Community Highlight: PAT FAVA

Pat Fava is known to wear many hats, from snowboarding to making music and everything in-between, one of the common threads through it all has been a Coal logo.  Pat says "I have been a fan of Coal since I was a kid, the brand always stuck out to me with the logo, the rad hats and all the beanies being in the snowboard/skate shops I loved going to while growing up!"  Pat started out as a "children of the Graves" rider, a crew named after his local rep Dave Graves, when he was 14.  

Pat spent some summers working at Mt. Hood and then made his way west to Seattle, where he worked in the C3 warehouse for a few months one fall.  We are honored to have Pat as part of our amazing Coal community and watch as he hits each peak moment in life.   

We asked Pat what song he likes to listen to while cooking dinner and his answer was slightly unexpected. "Hey Good Lookin" by Hank Williams. 

When we asked about a song that pumps him up on the way to mountain, we weren't nearly as surprised! "Any Project Pat song"

Pat's Favorite pieces while riding: The Uniform Clava and the Wayne Beanie

Off the board Pat tops off his looks with the Hardin and the Framework. 


IG @_project_pat_


Photos by Tyler Ravelle