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Fall Is Calling. Meet Our New Collection!

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The Labor Day holiday is an opportunity to embrace the last bits of carefree summer glory with friends and family, while at the same time, the subtle changes in the light and color all around us lets us know that Fall will be on us before we know it.

Over the long weekend we ventured up into the High Country and the telltale signs of autumn were everywhere. Now's the time to reacquaint yourself with all your trusty wool and flannel, hoodies and sweatshirts ... and of course, HATS and BEANIES! 

Coal Fall Winter 2018 from COAL HEADWEAR on Vimeo.

Right on queue, we're here with a brand new collection of headwear and accessories to complement your activities and freshen up your wardrobe as we head into the cooler months. 

Shop our entire new collection for guys and gals, and proceed stylishly into what's sure to be an awesome Autumn!